1997 was another soldout event. The festival spread its wings a little and included more artistes from interstate. Jebediah made their way over from WA, Custard and Not From There came from Brisbane to play, Crow came from Sydney. The legendary X reformed and showed some young dogs some old tricks, and the return of Dirty Three from parts unknown was something to behold. It was also the debut of the wonderful Matt Walker and Ashley Davies. Tex Perkins came back with The Cruel Sea to a great reception and the first electronic act, Snog played. Perhaps best on ground was the legendary underground offbeat big band Loin Groin; the memory of singer Craigo out in the crowd inciting a riot of dancing will live long in the memory. And I think it’s on film somewhere too. Better upload that sometime. Sometimes it’s the bands with songs on the radio that pull the crowd, but the ones that don’t have a record deal and have to move a crowd through sheer stagepersonship that win the day. That’s why you’ll often find bands with small followings playing in Meredith timeslots usually associated for more well-known bands.

The Dumb Earth started Sunday morning in style, enjoying freshly made cocktails before starting their 10am set. So good they were invited back the next year.

Noota who draws the animal mascot each year came up with a frog for 1997. Each year there is some significance as to why the animal is chosen. And every animal must inhabit the site, be it indigenous or introduced. This was the first year we had a ‘water’ animal…frogs live in water. It poured with rain. We didn’t learn our lesson.

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Artist LineUp:
Lisa Miller
Dirty Three
Loin Groin
Mississippi Barry
Augie March
Tomorrow People
Combo La Revelacion
The Dumb Earth
The Cruel Sea
Not From There
Matt Walker with Ashley Davies and Ross Hannaford
Special Guest MCs: Merrick and Rosso

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