1993 came around and this time the crowd doubled again. This was the year, Meredith historians agree, that the Festival really pricked the consciousness of fun-lovers everywhere. Word of mouth brought people from Sydney, Adelaide, Tasmania and even from the heavens (two brothers flew in by helicopter, complete with esky and tent). A bigger stage, a bigger PA, the best bands around and that start-of-summer-excitement were the ingredients for two of the best days on the entertainment calendar.

Camping started to get serious, this was the year the celebrated ‘Compound’ was formed ‘over the back’. The site had two distinct camping areas; the outer ring around the Amphitheatre which was closest to the gate, and the hilly area over the back of the stage. The Compound was formed by a circle of cars and tents strategically arranged to deter would-be droppers-in dropping in so the high priests of a certain scene could relax unbothered. The Compound lasted many years, and from The Compound many a musician wandered down to the stage to play their set. The Compound made a huge and vital contribution to what Meredith was, and is. We salute you, The Compound. Is it still going? We know some of its constituents still attend Meredith, do they form a compound? Or has The Compound fractured? Please email Aunty Meredith if you know the answer.

Here is some of What Was Said about the festival:
Ballarat Courier – Meredith’s Music Fest
Forte – It’s On Again!! – by Robert Guy Davis
Forte – The Line Up
Geelong Advertiser – The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music – by David Connoley
Herald Sun – Little Day Out
MMF 1993 Press Release

Artist LineUp:
The Affected
Icecream Hands
The Plums
The Fat Thing
Housewives’ Choice
Powder Monkeys
Billy Baxter
Loin Groin
Kipling Ensemble
Seaweed Goorillas
NKS Jamm
The Whitlams

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